June 6, 2017 / Latest News

Shipping Container Home 120K

Shipping Container Home 120K Most articles we read out there are not perhaps realistic regarding shipping container builds. Even more...

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May 18, 2017 / Latest News

Development Application

Development Application Short answer is yes, so many ask is do I need a D.A on a daily basis. D.A...

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April 27, 2017 / Latest News

Containers and Small Business

Containers and Small Business We are still seeing a big trend in very expensive shop fit outs and to be...

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March 28, 2017 / Latest News

Container Homes TV Show

Container Homes TV Show How did we not know about this show sooner? Container Homes tv show has come to...

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March 22, 2017 / Latest News

MKR Shipping Container

MKR Shipping Container We secretly love My Kitchen Rules, Colin is our fave along with his restaurant 4Fourteen which has...

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February 22, 2017 / Latest News

Eat Street Markets are moving

Eat Street Markets are moving The wonder of the shipping container means that you can move them anywhere. You may...

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January 14, 2017 / Latest News

Choosing the right Shipping Container

Choosing the right Shipping Container When researching shipping containers and choosing the right shipping container for your project online, it...

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December 12, 2016 / Latest News

Amazing Shipping Container Modifications

Amazing Shipping Container Modifications It's not a secret that we love shipping containers and we have certainly seen some amazing...

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November 14, 2016 / Latest News

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container Homes We come across some amazing shipping container homes in our time, from using only one 40ft container...

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October 28, 2016 / Latest News

Granny Flats for 10K

Granny Flats for 10k Can you buy Granny Flats for 10K? We can almost hear you gasping for air with...

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October 11, 2016 / Latest News

Understanding Shipping Containers

Understanding Shipping Containers When most people think of a shipping container they think of a small hot box that isn't...

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September 30, 2016 / Latest News

20ft Shipping Container Cafe

20ft Shipping Container Cafe The ModCC team have just finished up the build of a 20ft Shipping Container Cafe and...

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September 15, 2016 / Latest News

Shipping Container Café

Shipping Container Café We love getting an order for a shipping container café, it’s our chance to create with our...

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September 2, 2016 / Latest News

Shipping Container Granny Flat

Shipping Container Granny Flat One of the most common questions we receive on a daily basis is, I would like...

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August 15, 2016 / Latest News

Box Park

Box Park  Earlier in August we were able to make a visit to Box Park in the heart of London....

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July 18, 2016 / Latest News

Shipping Container Conversions on TV Shows

Shipping Container Conversions on TV Shows We just love sitting down to Friday night TV filled with how make that...

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June 19, 2016 / Latest News

Modern Container Conversions ModCC

Modern Container Conversions ModCC This is Modern Container Conversions first post, as you can see. We are up and running...

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