About Us

“We are shipping containers and only shipping containers”

Modern Container Conversions (Mod CC) are a highly experienced and diverse team that will provide you with day-to day solutions in the art of converting shipping containers, into wherever your dreams decide to take you.




Modern Container Conversions is a collaboration and brainchild of Jim Girgis. Jim has been in the media, hospitality and event space for many years. Of which the last few years in his career, Jim has evolved in the highly creative space of shipping container modification and conversion.


With a loyal and growing client base showing an enormous amount of enthusiasm and support in what ModCC do, with creative projects as far as the eye can see; and many late nights pondering what if?





Modern Container Conversions was incepted, created and converted into what it is today.


What is it you may ask?


Mod CC will design, develop, create and convert your building ideas into affordable and competitive solutions that will blow your mind…. Simple!